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Product Development



TPI understands that when it comes to developing new products, time-to-market is a critical element of your company's success. We also understand the inevitable ebb and flow of your engineering & design workload can threaten that success. So, when opportunity knocks and your workload is already stressed, or if you don't have the in-house expertise required, you need engineering support that you can count on. That's where TPI can help you.


At TPI, we take pride in our rapid, hands-on and common sense approach to product development. We are available and capable of supplementing your technical staff and leveling out the natural rhythm of your workload cycles with two key resources:


  • Personnel - In addition to our innovative engineering staff, TPI works with a consortium of over 50 individual consultants and over 20 small high technology companies. These external resources supplement our in-house electro-mechanical engineering and development function with expertise in areas such as software development, PC board builds and electronics design.





  • Facilities - With in-house light manufacturing capabilities including full machine shop, welding shop, sheet metal shop, electronics shop, assembly and test areas coupled with external capabilities including FDM, SLA, cast urethane and CNC machining, we are able to reduce the product development cycle and prove out design concepts by rapidly and accurately developing working prototypes.





With all of the personnel and facility resources at our disposal, we can address the total spectrum of your technical needs in the following technical areas:


Product Development

  • Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Design & Fabrication
  • Robotics
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering



Process and Equipment Development

  • Machine Design and Fabrication
  • Process Design & Implementation
  • Process & Industrial Automation
  • Production Engineering











Technical Services

  • Drafting/CAD/CAE
  • Rapid Prototyping & Modeling
  • Computer Animations
  • Market Analysis and Surveys








This "one-stop shopping" ensures that you can attain the solutions you need in the most economical, market-efficient manner possible. With our help, you can improve your competitive position with minimum-risk, minimum-cost and technologically-innovative solutions. And our resources are limitless! In addition to our in-house engineering staff and external hi-tech service providers, we work closely with educational institutions and industrial centers of excellence, such as the Massachusetts Manufacturing Partnership.


What's more, upon completion of the engineering and development function, we can also commercialize your product through our sister company, TP Manufacturing for operational, sales, marketing and distribution functions. Click here to view our client list, and here to see our project and product lists.